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Junior Dragon's


The ability to Focus more and for longer?

Greater Perseverance to overcome obstacles?

Increased Self Confidence to believe I CAN?

The Self Discipline to work hard?

Learn how to Set Goals and become a master at passing exams?

The Junior Dragons children's Martial Arts programme is designed for 7-12 year olds

This programme is vital for your child's development, We work on many key areas of child development such as increasing their physical capabilities; Stamina, Strength & flexibility while increasing your mental clarity, Confidence & Insight. We understand how hard it can be to raise children safely these days and as parents ourselves we know the worries you have for your children. Many parents have already discovered that training with us at East Midlands Martial Arts is the most beneficial activity in which a child can participate!



We also have a lot of fun!



You can never underestimate the importance of Confidence, we all need Confidence to make the right decisions, to stand up to bullies, to not give in to unhealthy peer pressure and to have the belief to always do what is right when you the parent or guardian are not around.



Parents;- "You can do something about it"



Our Martial arts school is somewhere your child can go and develop greater Confidence, Self control, Concentration and Mental Discipline in an environment where they learn to give and receive Respect.



Sometimes when a child first comes to our school, they have no idea why they came, they simply wanted an activity other than football or dancing or swimming, but the parents here quickly realised that Martial Arts training here at EMK is so much more than just another activity, it is a genuine character development program!



Believe it or not we teach Martial Arts as well!



The Junior Dragons program is for Boys and Girls with little or usually no experience, we will carefully and patiently teach the basic fundamental skills required to prepare them for the journey to Black Belt & beyond.



We are not another run of the mill Punch and Kick school



We believe that Training with us will give your child the best chance to succeed and grow up happy and Confident that they can achieve anything!



Call us up right now on 07984 424811 and reserve a place in one of our free taster classes, risk free, no obligation and no pressure, ask for Julie Hutton.

What Our Pupils Think...

Sam Taylor and family

EMK is a fantastic family orientated club which has helped develop our son's confidence and discipline. He took part in his first competition, which was professionally run and gave him a great sense of achievement. The instructors are very approachable, passionate about their club and have a great working relationship with all ages and abilities. We have been extremely happy with the club and all that it offers.

Nehha's Dad

I was looking for something for Nehha which would improve her concentration, confidence and be enjoyable at the same time. That's when I saw your advert at the leisure Centre. It was the best decision we made, she loves it, we can't wait for Saturday mornings! And my son who is 2 and a bit is chomping at the bit to start!!! Brilliant. I recommend it!

Nehhas Mum

The best thing about EMK is all the instructors are brilliant with kids!!! Even the really young ones. To keep kids that young listening all through the class and want to come back again the following week takes real skill!!! Not everyone can do that! (This is my personal view).


EMK have given Finn a confidence that I wasn't sure he had! Starting in Punchin Pandas allowed him to understand the principles behind karate & how he could use it as he gets older, moving into Leadership had been a struggle for him but a challenge he needed in order to develop his skills! Mr. Moon & the team are fantastic role models & Mrs. Hutton gives the nurture the little ones need! Fantastic club, great atmosphere, family friendly! X