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Punchin Panda's



Self Discipline?

Superior Focus and Concentration?

Perseverance and an Indomitable spirit?

Happy outgoing personality

Punchin Pandas LogoThe East Midlands Karate Punchin Panda`s program was created by Master Instructor Julie Hutton herself after years of working with children as both a Specialist Qualified children`s sports coach and the Play-scheme Coordinator/Manager for the Leicestershire Education Authority for 5 years and of course not forgetting creating and opening the first of EMK`s many Martial Arts schools in 2002.

Julie is one of the countries most experienced and highly regarded full time Professional Female Martial Arts Instructors and was proud to unveil this fun filled exciting curriculum that focuses on improving younger children's basic motor and listening skills. These skills will help them enter society with a more confident and enthusiastic outlook. They will become better students at school, better listeners at home and more ambitious towards the future. We believe the time between the ages 4 and 7 are the most important years of a child's development. Our program will enhance positive development in a fun and motivating way. The Punchin Panda`s program will also prepare your child for our Junior Dragon`s martial arts program.



The Punchin Panda's program features 8 modules, at the end of each module your child will earn a new coloured Belt to wear with their Uniform.



No. 1; Courtesy; Red Tag Belt

Training at our academies is not like other activities, we want to help you educate our children to have much greater social awareness, to always be polite and to have good manners. You will see in your first lesson with us, how we use Courtesy and how this attribute helps set the tone for a positive learning environment.


No. 2; Respect; Yellow Tag Belt

I hear a lot of adults complain that children in our society have no respect these days and that they are allowed to do as they please. It is no secret that Martial Arts training promotes great Respect among its practitioners, one of the first ways we teach Respect is with use of the Bow. Bowing is an act Courtesy and Respect towards each other, It is a promise that we will not harm each other, either in body or in spirit.


No. 3; Self Discipline; Orange Tag Belt

We all need to have good Self Discipline in order to maximise our potential, Whether it is resist the urge to interrupt, shout out or talk over someone, whether to stand still, or eat an unhealthy snack, having good Self Discipline follows us throughout our lives, so having the knowledge and wisdom to make informed, calculated decisions is vital to our development as human beings.


No. 4; Confidence; Green Tag Belt

We should never underestimate the importance of Confidence, We know how it feels when we are asked to do something outside of our 'comfort zone`, Imagine having the Bravery or Courage to stand up & take charge and be the person you always wanted to be.


No. 5; Concentration; Blue Tag Belt

Many of us have hectic schedules these days, I suppose its no wonder that us and our children suffer little lapses in Concentration, Martial Arts training is known to help focus your mind and sharpen your Mental self discipline. This Program has drills that deliberately works on these key areas.


No. 6; Kindness; Purple Tag Belt

As a parent myself, I am always proud when my children show someone an act of Kindness, these acts reinforce our belief that we are doing the best for our children and teaching them the values of being a 'good person'


No.7; Perseverance; Brown Tag Belt 

Children give up on things way too easily, having the wisdom to stay the course and keep going through good times and bad, will see them achieve success much more often throughout their entire lives.


No.8; Super Panda Cub; Black Tag Belt

This is a Bonus level reserved only for the most dedicated of students, awarded to children who have completed the Punchin Panda's program and have proved that they are ready for our premium level of training;


Black Belt Leadership

To find out more or to book a FREE introductory lesson call Mrs Julie Hutton on her personal mobile no. 07984 424811 or fill in your email details on the right hand side of the page and we will contact you as soon as we can.



Oh and by the way, if your child is not quite 4 years old yet, don`t worry, you can drop us a line and reserve a place for your child as soon as they hit 4, we will even send you a birthday card with a special invite for FREE! What a great gift that would be! Your child will be so excited and grateful and it didn't cost you a penny!

What Our Pupils Think...

Steve Taylor

Leah's confidence and concentration has come on leaps and bounds since starting karate. I have been surprised how quickly she is learning the moves and at the same time having fun :)

Mr G (Owain's Dad)

EMK has been a positive and rewarding experience for our son for the last two years and more. The atmosphere in class is brilliant and all the instructors show commitment to the highest achievement for all the students. Our son looks forward to every class and enjoys the variety of activities, the challenge to do well and the fun! 

Morgan Britt age 8

Makes Mondays more fun and I can't wait to go. I am a new member and love it. :-)

Charlie Williams

I started very shy now am confident if you put your mind to it you can do anything. Thank you.