EMK Martial Arts FAQs

"How much is the first lesson"

It's Free, that's right, you can come along to any of our Junior dragon/Punchin Panda or Adult Beginners classes in Loughborough, Shepshed, Coalville, Ashby, Beeston or Long Eaton, sign a consent form and you or your child(ren) can take the lesson for FREE.

"How much is it to join?"

Nothing, that's right, we charge you nothing to enroll at any of our schools, that's lifetime membership for free, which means if your child should take a break from training for a few months or years, you can bring them back with our blessing and resume training without having to re-join or pay a new membership joining fee.

"How much are the lessons?"

We have an open pricing policy,which i am happy to discuss with you in person, Your first lesson is FREE, after that I will discuss with you which program is best suited to your needs, and then work out a price plan with you that you know you can afford.

I'm sure that some other schools may even charge a little less for tuition, So I fully encourage you to visit them so that when you come back to East Midlands karate you know you will be with the best!

"Sounds great, what about my other kids and my spouse?"

Don't worry, we are parents ourselves, we know how expensive it can be to kit out all of your children, that's why we developed our family discount scheme which allows some members of your family to train for free, for ever! We will tell you more about it when you visit us for you first lesson.

"Brilliant, anything else?"

Of course, we have couple of other free gifts waiting for you when you join and we will even let you have one of our top quality uniforms for half price upon joining, No catches, No gimmicks, No Contracts, No Pressure, No hidden small print, just loads of top quality FREE gear to get you started!

"Is it safe?"

Our safety record is excellent. Our Instructors are qualified in their field & in sports coaching and of course First Aid trained. Of course during any sporting activity you may pick up the occasional bump, bruise or strain. We will do our utmost to bring you the latest exercises to prepare your body for the Martial Arts workout. No one will strike or kick you, or throw you to the ground etc. you don't have to do anything you do not want to do. Our instructors will get a detailed account of what you want to accomplish in our Martial Arts program before you even take your first class! Still not sure? then visit your Doctor and ask if they think Martial Arts training would be suitable for you.

"Can my children bring their friends with them?"

Yes of course, they will need written consent from their parents or better still they can bring their parents along as well.

"So what will we be doing, Karate or Taekwondo or something else?"

Yes, yes & yes, the Punchin Pandas/Junior Dragons and Adult beginners Martial Arts program teaches basic fundamental skills from several of the most popular martial art systems.

"Can I stay and watch?"

Yes, of course, we believe its important for parents/family members to show their support.

"Fantastic, what do I do now?"

Easy, fill in the form on right hand side of the page and we will contact you as soon as we receive it, or you can even call us direct on 07984 424811 and we will be happy to answer any other questions you have.

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