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Adult Beginners

At East Midlands Martial Arts we pride ourselves in the special atmosphere of our adult classes. Whether it's for our fun, fitness Classes, Body conditioning or concentration, self-defence or discipline and Confidence, we have a program to suit your needs.



Since joining our Martial Arts school, our members have improved their co-ordination, stood up to bullies at work, grown the confidence to earn promotions and seek better jobs, defend themselves in uncomfortable situations, lost weight, made new friends and some of our students have even joined our instructor training team, and now earn a living teaching martial arts





We teach our Mixed Martial Arts Lessons with a varied exciting curriculum including, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Karate, Self Defence and many other modern styles such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Women's fitness classes, Also elements of some other martial art styles such as Shotokan, Kung Fu,Judo, Muay Thai, Wado Ryu, Kyokoshinkai and more.



Our vast experience has proved this curriculum will make you a much more versatile martial artist. We have a vast support network as we are associated to UKMAF, UKASKO, BBSI, MATA, EMMAO, BBI and The Martial Arts Professionals Network.



There are no shortages of opportunities whether you just want to get fit and socialise or you want to become a world champion, we have a program that will suit your needs.


We have female and male instructors and you can bring a friend along for company.

We offer mixed Adult classes, Ladies only Lessons and Mixed Family Karate classes if you want to train with your children (family discounts apply, call for details)

We have an open pricing policy, you wont see this on any other martial arts school adverts!

EMK Membership is currently FREE! (usually £100)

Licence worth £40 is FREE for first year!

Licence book and info pack is FREE (usually £25)

You can even get one of our top quality fully customised Uniforms for up to 1/3 off retail price (call us for our latest seasonal offer & price)



No catches, No gimmicks, No Contracts, No Pressure, No hidden small print, just loads of top quality FREE equipment to get you started!



You do have to pay for your lessons of course, (an average beginner student on unlimited training can pay under £4 per class), except for the first introductory lesson, you can have that one for FREE as well!


Now with classes open 7 days per week by the end of 2012

Classes within a 15 minute drive of every major town in the region

Fantastic Friendly fully qualified Instructors

If their is a reason why you can`t call us up and arrange your FREE introductory lesson I don't know what it is? you can even let me know and i will do my best to fix it!



"What no credit on your phone?" fill in the 'contact us' form and we will contact you.



"Don't want to come alone?" Bring a friend, Bring two friends, Bring 3 friends. If you don't have that many friends, joining our school is the perfect way to make new friends! and don't worry, we never enroll unsavory types. We have a relaxed, good humoured atmosphere in our classes but we do like to get the job done well and on time, so we don't put up with any nonsense from time wasters.



"Your friend told you that Taekwondo is better than Karate"Â or something similar? We cover many major Martial Arts styles, systems & strategies, We believe the most important style is your own and its our job to help you develop it!.



"Your not fit enough to start training?" We start everyone on a basic beginners program, you can go at your own pace, we will set goals and targets with you and then help you reach them.



"I am a bit short of confidence and I don't know what to do?" It is well documented how Martial Arts training improves Confidence and Concentration and many other benefits. You will see exactly how its done, but only if you come and visit one of our schools, you can just watch if you want to, you don't have join in and if you don't like it, you don't have to join. We promise to talk you through it, show you how to do it , all the way to Black Belt and beyond!



"Is it safe?"Â  Our safety record is excellent. Our Instructors are qualified in their field & in sports coaching. Of course during any sporting activity you may pick up the occasional bump, bruise or strain. We will do our utmost to bring you the latest exercises to prepare your body for the Martial Arts workout. No one will strike or kick you, or throw you to the ground etc. you don't have to do anything you do not want to do. Our instructors will get a detailed account of what you want to accomplish in our Martial Arts program before you even take your first class! Still not sure? then visit your Doctor and ask if they think Martial Arts training would be suitable for you.



"You now realise that this would be great for your kids as well!" We have the best most generous family discount package I have seen, anywhere! you wont believe how good, but i am not telling everyone the details on this website, you will have to come to a lesson to find out more!



"What equipment do I need?" None, just bring a drink of water, wear loose comfy clothes, like a t-shirt and joggers or tracksuit, if you decide to join us, we have fully equipped pro-shop that stocks everything you will ever need at great value and the very highest quality at affordable prices.



Now we want YOU to benefit from our fantastic programs and better still you can start right NOW for FREE!!



Fill in the 'Contact us' form, or call us direct on 07984 424811


or Talk to me via the live chat function

What Our Pupils Think...

Neil Brewin

My son started karate with EMK at the age of four, he was a shy, quite timid boy who was even nervous with some family members. I obviously wanted to increase his confidence and I looked into Karate after seeing adverts for it. I can honestly say that from the first few weeks of joining punchin' pandas his confidence grew very quickly and he came out of his shell of which we we're both very pleased. He started school later that year with ease and now has a large amount of friends and has no trouble with meeting new people (both children and adults) He has now progressed to the leadership class that he thoroughly enjoys. I can only thank the EMK team in helping our son become the confident little boy he has turned into. We look forward to the coming years as Jacob hopefully goes all the way to blackbelt. Thanks again. :)

Luke Griffin, Tess n Erina's dad

The girls have enjoyed every minute at EMK. The level of professionalism is exceptional and as a parent I am delighted that they are not only learning skills and discipline but also learning them from people who can genuinely be called role models. Thanks for all your work. 

Mrs. Mitchell

I think punching pandas class is very well ran by all who are involved, my son and daughter have started within weeks of each other and both are always excited and can't wait for their next class many thanks.


I joined EMK in Jan this year aged 38. I had some previous experience but was still nervous going into my first session. I have to say EMK make you feel very welcome and while serious they retain a unique brand of humour. This helps, especially when Mr. Moon is pushing us to our limits. What I value most is the dedication of the instructors. Every move is demonstrated consistently and tirelessly. I may have shed a kilo of skin from my feet but I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone.